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Cod Fish 鳕鱼 Steak (200-250G)

Cod Fish 鳕鱼 Steak (200-250G)

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(Frozen) Cod 

Our wild caught Cod is both a nutritious and flavorful fish loaded with lean protein, vitamins, and minerals. Considered a delicacy with it soft and buttery meat, it is highly sought after! All cod sold in Singapore are frozen, but we only cut ours up when we need it!


Cod contains very low levels of mercury and can be prepared in multiple ways. The Singaporean preferred way to cook cod is the simple steaming like Hong Kong Style! Using little ingredients, you get to taste the real authentic goodness of a cod. 


Another healthy method of cooking Cod is by baking with olive oil, lemon juice and pepper!

Do note that there may be more than 1 piece of fillet added into one bag to meet the minimum weight requirement. Sizes and shapes of fillets are also dependent on the fish's size on the day of delivery itself. 

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