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Balai Threadfin 午鱼 Fillet (250-300G)

Balai Threadfin 午鱼 Fillet (250-300G)

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Balai Threadfin

Our Balai Threadfins are from Tanjung Balai, classified as premium quality! They have really sweet and tender meat that is known to be easily accepted by kids.


Balai Threadfin is nutrient-filled and is widely consumed by mummies during their confinement period!
Simple and yet yummy way of preparing: Steaming or using it as the main ingredient for a fish porridge (Remember to get it sliced!)


Do note that there may be more than 1 piece of fillet added into one bag to meet the minimum weight requirement. Sizes and shapes of fillets are also dependent on the fish's size on the day of delivery itself. 

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