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Yellowtail Fish/Potato Fish (1KG) 黄尾鱼/番薯鱼

Yellowtail Fish/Potato Fish (1KG) 黄尾鱼/番薯鱼

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Yellowtail Fish/Potato Fish (1KG) 黄尾鱼/番薯鱼 

The Yellowtail Fish is a fish most commonly used in making fishballs or fish paste! The sweetness of the flesh allows for it to make delicious meals just by pan-frying it as well. This is an underrated fish which is really value for money, try our Yellowtail today and you might find yourself a new favourite! 

The minimum order for this fish is 1KG and there will be approximately 3-4 PCS per KG. If you would like to request for larger ones (2 PCS per KG), please leave a comment for us during checkout and we will try our best to get the size that you prefer. 

*Please note that the weight range provided is before any descaling and gutting of the fish.*

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