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Kuning Fish (1KG) 君令

Kuning Fish (1KG) 君令

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Kuning Fish (1KG) 君令 

IMPORTANT: We regret to inform you that this item will not be gutted for you due to a lack of manpower, thank you for understanding! 

When you think of Nasi Lemak, you think of Kuning! This is a fish that is essential for Nasi Lemak, its small yet fleshy body will give you a sense of satisfaction when you manage to get all the meat off the bones. Our Kuning fish are not the extremely small kind so rest assured! 

The minimum order for this item is 1KG and there are approximately 22-25PCS per KG. Picture shows 23 PCS per 1KG. This item is also subject to daily availability at the port. 

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