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Chinese Pomfret 斗鲳 Whole

Chinese Pomfret 斗鲳 Whole

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Chinese Pomfret


 Larger (1KG) pomfret in a separate link!

Did you know that the Chinese Pomfret is considered as a premium fish? Teochews believe that it is one of the best fishes and often prepared for celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Birthdays, etc.

 That is why price fluctuation is often seen during the festive seasons! It is common to see the price of Chinese Pomfrets go up till even $90+/$100 per KG, so do grab yours while it is still early and *relatively* affordable! 

With a silky texture that is sweet, it's commonly preferred over others. 


The most common yet highly appreciated method of preparation is to steam it Teochew style. Another method is to fillet it for a soup or porridge base.


Larger sizes are available upon enquiry.


*Please note that weight range provided is before any descaling, de-gutting and cleaning of the fish.*



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