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Tutorial: How to clean flower crabs


Today's post is a little different from our usual posts! For those of you that have ordered our live flower crabs before, you would know that they don't come killed and cleaned by default unlike our mud crabs. Of course, if you request for them to be cleaned we'd gladly do it for you, but after reading this post we hope that all of you gain more confidence in handling raw seafood as it is really not that hard to prepare flower crabs!

This tutorial is taken from https://thedomesticgoddesswannabe.com/2014/07/stir-fried-flower-crab-with-fermented-black-beans-chili-and-garlic/, and all photo credits go to her as well.

Step 1: Flip the crab upside down, lift the flap (shown below), remove it and discard it.

Step 2: Flip the crab again, remove the top shell of the crab

Step 3: Remove the gills on both sides of the crab

Step 4: Rinse the crab under running water to clean it, then chop it into half

And that's all there really is to it! Simple, right? Flower crabs are not daunting to handle and make a very good meal with their sweet flesh. Give it a go today!

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