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Red Snapper Fillet 红鸡鱼肉 (250-300G)

Red Snapper Fillet 红鸡鱼肉 (250-300G)

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Red Snapper Fillet 红鸡鱼肉 (250-300G)

For those who enjoy snapper meat from larger snappers but are unable to finish a whole snapper, this option is perfect! We take our red snapper meat from red snappers that are at least 2KG in weight. 

Red snapper flesh is flaky, sweet and perfect for any kind of cuisine. Grill/pansear it to make a delicious Western dish or even add it to your assam/curry for an oriental flavour! It goes well anywhere, we promise! 

(Note: Photo shows a 450-500G piece of red snapper fillet; the actual product will be a bit smaller as it is supposed to be 250-300G)

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